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Synthesis of amino acids, simple and new method
14 researchers announced that they designed a "non natural chiral amino acid" simple synthetic method, is expected to promote the development of chemical industry especially the pharmaceutical industry.Amino acid is a general term for a class of organic compounds containing amino and carboxyl, is the basic composition unit of macromolecular protein biological functions.Unnatural chiral amino acid molecules as "enantiomorphism isomers", in the drug development, chemical synthesis, catalytic industry plays an important role.Research team leader, the American professor jin-quan yu Scripps research institute, told xinhua news agency reporters, natural amino acid was cheap, but few species, so need to synthesis the natural chiral amino acids.Jin-quan yu is also the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of organic chemistry, distinguished professor.He said, according to the traditional synthetic method, the preparation of each different unnatural chiral amino acids to take advantage of different starting material synthesis, and their way of thinking is to use the cheapest alanine as a common starting materials, to make thousands of unnatural chiral amino acids.Therefore they solved one of the biggest problems is the inert on the alanine methyl carbon hydrogen bonds break under mild conditions, and then according to the need to install a new chemical functional groups, each with a different functional group can get different amino acids.Alanine methyl on three hydrocarbon keys, interrupt the first and second keys will get different amino acids, but tend to be continuous and get the combination and application value.They successfully designed two kinds of different catalyst activity, can be selectively breaking the first and second keys, to control the structure of the synthesis of amino acids.According to introducing, they developed the natural chiral amino acid has good pharmacological activities, potential applications include manufacturing anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics and drugs for the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's disease.The above research results have been published in the new issue of the journal science.
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